Starting a business is always exciting, and it sets you and your life on a rollercoaster. Sometimes it goes fine, and sometimes it miserably fails.

In earlier 2021, I planned to start a side business, and after some ideation, I began on a project that focused on specific niches. It wasn’t the first time I started a side project to push my limits, but I noticed my motivation differed from years back. I also saw I’m not just the same guy with the same appetite as before. My ambition and my Whys are way different now compared to the past.

I felt pretty motivated at first, but I slowly felt something was missing. Not in the business idea itself, but my mindset and how I need to move it forward. I see myself out of inspiration and where I need to go with my idea in the long run.

Thanks to Goodreads and a great network that we can create there, it’s not hard to find where highly successful people find their source of inspiration and, most importantly, how they view life. That was a point I understand I need to take a step back and gain a different perspective of how starting a business should be about. So I decided to dig a bit and find a couple of interesting books, including Anything you want by Derek Sivers.

Anything you want by Derek Sivers is a small book, around 90 pages. Without spoiling much of the book, Derek is a musician and entrepreneur. This book is focused on his journey of building the CDBaby, a music distribution company for independent musicians. He started the CDBaby as his hobby, which eventually he successfully sold for $22 million.

The beautiful part of this book is that Derek is not explaining his business process or success stories repeatedly in the book. He talks about his mindset of what makes a good business, both for himself and his customers. He also shares his lessons in the book in a short story.

Now some may say some of the points in the books are obvious facts. However, my personal experience regarding life is that the more we know and learn about it, the more we are fascinated by simple ideas that affect our mindset and perspective.

And finally, I would like to share some quotes from this book with you. Hopefully, it inspires you to pursue your next adventure.

When you make a business, you get to make a little universe where you control all the laws. This is your utopia.

Derek Sivers, Anything you want Book

Success comes from persistently improving and inventing, not from persistently doing what’s not working.

Derek Sivers, Anything you want Book

So please don’t think you need a huge vision. Just stay focused on helping people today.

Derek Sivers, Anything you want Book

How do you grade yourself?

It’s important to know in advance, to make sure you’re staying focused on what’s honestly important to you, instead of doing what others think you should.

Derek Sivers, Anything you want Book

Make sure what makes you happy, and don’t forget it.

Derek Sivers, Anything you want Book

After reading this book, I started to gain a better perspective on how starting a business should feel. I hope you get your copy and enjoy your reads!

The End.