Thanks for reading my blog! Here is a bit about me and what’s currently I’m doing with my life, and how I ended up being a software engineer.

If you connect with me on LinkedIn, you will get a better overview of my career. Here I will tell you how everything started for me.

How I Started
I started programming with VB 6 when I was 15 something (For those not from the programming world, it is a programming language).

When I was started programming, it was during the summer season, and I would spend around 18 hours a day practicing. After a year, I got my first job in the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) company, taking a single computer course. They saw that I was passionately working and learning and ended up being given the responsibility of teaching a class of my own.

Well, if you are thinking how people would take lessons from a 16-year-old teenage dude, at that point, I already had my mustache and beard, and none of those students knew I was only 16!

It was a great experience with great people for a year, and I learned a lot every day. This is the starting point for me to make my way into the IT industry, and the story to the rest of my journey is yet to come.

Life In Southeast Asia

I was around 18 when I left my country to start my ambitious life in Southeast Asia. It was a tough decision and challenging one, but I knew choosing this journey would change my character forever. So, I lived in Malaysia for around a decade, which marked one of the most enjoyable times of my life.

I learned many things the hard way from my failed startup there, surviving the cultural differences to sustaining my life and my career. I’m always thinking of writing a book about it and inspiring more people to make radical life decisions.

Life in the Netherlands

I moved to Amsterdam in 2018. I decided my time is up in Asia, and I need to move on and kick myself out of my comfort zone. Afterward, I joined an early-stage startup with funding for only the next six months. Things didn’t go so well. We almost failed. I learned my lessons, took one step back, and joined a new company.

Currently, I’m working at Lightspeed as Engineering Team Lead, building unique retail products to help small businesses make a living and bring their ideas to life.

My Business Ambitious

Back in Asia, I started a Digital Agency with two partners. It failed, and we couldn’t survive the legal issue we faced. After that, I began Mangoler eCommerce, which provides e-commerce products (CMS, mobile, and web apps) to small businesses to help them build their business easier & faster with less development noise. When I left Asia, I decided it was better I limit my focus on my moving with my partner to the Netherlands, and as a result, I sold the Mangoler eCommerce.

Drop me a message

Please drop me a message if you have questions, ideas to share, or feedback about my blog content. I always appreciate a good talk. My email address is [email protected]