is Masterclass Worth It? My Review of a Few Weeks With

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In this post, I will tell you about my experience with and what’s the advantages of a class with celebrities and lastly, is it worth it? This will answer some of your questions to help you make up your mind and decide whether you need a course with this content and price if you ever want it.

A few months back, I was checking my facebook and saw a post from Hans Zimmer about him starting his own masterclass. I thought to myself this is most probably another class which is going to be held far away from me. I decided to click on the shared link anyway.

Surprisingly, I saw that the course is online and it was just $90! I was pretty excited that I can watch a course from Hans Zimmer and people at his level! While browsing through, I found a few other courses from the likes of David Gamet, Aaron Sorkin, and a few others.

At first, I thought that they would have a yearly membership which I can subscribe to, but after a few minutes of browsing, I notice that I need to buy each course one by one. I decided to buy the “Dramatic Writing by David Gamet” to get started with.

The instructor & the class experience

The obvious fact about the masterclass is that all of the instructors are celebrities, not particularly all of them are from Hollywood but the majority are. That’s why you are seeing more courses in acting, filmmaking and similar courses more than other subjects.

I saw some of the earlier reviews that they talk about this as a negative point. They complained that they earned the money because of their status and this is more of a money-making machine rather than some useful courses for people like us. So I was skeptical.

After I watched a few episodes of David Mamet, I knew this is not an ordinary udemy $10 course. And if someone tells you otherwise, they don’t know their sh**. David’s presentation skills and his content are more than perfect for an online course.

There are two main qualities I found in the videos that were impressive. To start with, they do not ‘slide’ focus and they are not limited only to the presentation’s content. He brings papers, pens, and a board to show his ideas.

The next quality is the number of points and concepts he covers in one video. Each video is around 5–15 minutes. It doesn’t seem long, but for me, there was a lot of interesting stuff to pick up within a session. Each lesson takes some time to digest and complete the homework.

The homework is another great part of the class. After each lesson, you can download a pdf file which includes the lesson summary, some more suggestions, and the homework which pushes you to do it practically. It also lists a few more references, so you can understand the subject more in-depth.

David, in his videos also suggests some sources of inspiration like movies or books. I love this part! This could not be a much better way for him to tell you how he looks at things.
One more point before I go to the next part is the community of each class. This is helpful if you need to ask something from each Instructor or share your thoughts with other participants.

The price

This might be the only downside of the master class for many people. But again, it really depends on how you look at it and whether you can really benefit from the lessons? Just look at it as an investment.

The good news is, recently I noticed that there is a yearly membership box that has been appearing on my profile. I believe that understands that the majority of people are not going to pay $90 for only one class!

And finally, is it worth it?

I hope this post explains most of the things that you will get from a class. Although this might not be considered a class just for a hobby. If you are still debating to get their courses, check whether or not your profession is relevant to the subject being thought or if you want to improve in a specific field?

In my case, I was looking for something on how to write better blog content, impressive product description and to write more interesting client emails.

My opinion is, it is always good to take the advice of those who are in the industry that has done amazing things and are still doing amazing things. As the saying goes, “Learn From The Best”.

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